How do I get the theme license key?

After you purchase the theme, you can get your license key at checkout confirmation and copy it.


  • Click on My Account from our site's main menu( here )
  • Then click on View Details and Downloads
  • There you will find the license key.

How to activate the theme license?

Note: Using theme without license key will result in not getting the future security updates and patches

To activate the license key for the theme:

  • Go to Appearance->Theme License
  • Enter the license key in the input field as shown in the image below: Activate License Key

  • The second step is to activate the license key of your theme which can not be skipped. Input the theme license key you got while buying theme and click Activate

How do I renew my license key?

You will be notified if your license key is expired through mail and details will be provide to renew the license.

If you want to renew the license manually, follow the steps below:

  • Click on My Account from our site's main menu

  • Then click on View Licenses

  • Under the Expiration column, click Renew license

  • Then follow the processes shown there.