To setup the theme, you will need the license key of the theme.

After activating theme, you may want to try out how the your site would look like with the theme. To setup this theme, it's as easy as installing an application. Just follow the instructions. To make your site look like our demo, follow as below:

  1. After activating theme, you will be redirected to a theme setup welcome page which will look like this:

    Welcome Setup

    Then click Start

  2. The first step ill create, install and activate the child theme for you. You can skip this step but we highly recommend you to install the child theme. Find more about child theme here. To install the child theme, click Install.

    Install Child Theme

  3. The third step is to install the required plugins. You can skip this step too but we highly recommend to install the plugins recommended. This may result in your demo not look like ours. Click Install. This may take a few moment. Code Manas Pro will install two plugins:

    Customizer Reset - This plugin will help to reset the customizer options in a single click.

    One Click Demo Import - This plugin helps to import the demo contents on few clicks.

    Install Plugins

  4. The fourth step is to import demo content. You can skip this step too but we highly recommend to install the demo content too if you want your demo look like ours. Click Import. It may take few minutes to import the data. Also for best result(images), make sure you are connected to the internet.

    Install Plugins

  5. After the demo is imported, your site is read to go. Now you can make it live or make some tweaks with the theme options and much more.

    Install Plugins